7 Tips for Grooming a Short Hair Dog

7 Tips for Grooming a Short Hair Dog

So, you have got a short hair dog and trying to figure out a proper grooming routine for your dog.

In that case, congratulation for landing on the right page. This guide will take you through every detail you need to groom your dog with short hair with ease.

Some Facts about Short Hair Dogs

Many people think a dog with short hairs only needs a shower. But that’s not true. They also need grooming as much as the breeds with long hair need. So set up a proper grooming routine for your dog.

There are some breeds with short hair. Such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Boston Terriers, Greyhounds, Labrador Retrievers etc.

The fur length of a dog with short hair is 1 inch or less. Their coat is normally thick and water resistive. These types of dogs need a moderate grooming on a regular basis.

What Do You Need to Start?

Grooming can make your dog look even more adorable. But before you go, some bucks are needed to be spent.

For a proper grooming season, you will need some tools and product. Such as:

  • Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Comb
  • Glove
  • Towel
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Nail clipper

7 tips for grooming a short hair dog

Grooming your dog won’t be that difficult if you just follow some basic yet effective rules.

Pick the right brush:

Brushing your dog regularly can be very effective. It will get rid of all the dead hair. Selecting the correct dog brush type is essential.

If your dog has smooth hair, then go for hard rubber brushes. Again go for bristle brushes for short yet thicker hair. Brush the hair in the direction of hair growth.

Brushing will make your dog look shiny and make the skin healthy. Brushing restores the skin oil and prevents irritation.  So go to a veterinarian and ask which one will be a top dog brush for your dog.

Proper bath routine:

Short hair dogs also need a proper shower. Regular bathing will ensure the hygiene of your dog. Arrange all the tools you are going to use during the shower beforehand. Don’t leave your dog alone in the shower.

If your dog is afraid of water, then try to introduce him to showering with a little patience. Put him in the bathtub without water first and then add water little by little. Give him a treat after you finish off the shower.

Avoid bathing your dog too often as it will strip off the skin oil. Once or twice per month will be enough. But if your dog goes out more often, then you can shower him a little more often.

Dogs are also sensitive to the water temperature. They like lukewarm water. So add some lukewarm water in the bathtub and the water level should not go beyond the belly level of your dog.

You can also use grooming gloves for bathing your dog.

Shampoo and conditioner:


Invest in a good shampoo. Go for a shampoo that is specially meant for dogs with short hair. Use a comb or brush during the bath. Apply the shampoo and rub it into your dog’s skin in a circular motion. Start at the neck and slowly go to the tail. Wash the head at last.

Place your dog on a table or in the bathtub and start shampooing. Try to avoid the eyes. Be extra gentle around the ears. If necessary use soap water to clean the ears.

After this, rinse off the shampoo, rub a soft towel and let your dog air dry.


Buy a good conditioner for your dog. There are specific brands for any dogs with short hair. Using a conditioner will lock in the natural moisture and prevent dry skin and dandruff. Coconut oil can also be a good alternative. Give the conditioner some time to sink into the skin.

Comb the dog:

Comb your dog after the fur is completely dry. Be steady and gentle. Comb in the direction of the hair growth. Buy a good comb specially meant for a dog with short hair. Make sure your dog is not hurt by the comb type.

Clean other parts:

The genitals: clean the genital during the shower. Otherwise, residues can build up there which can irritate your dog’s skin. Simple use soap water to wash these parts. If you see any lump build up there, ask for medical help.

  • Ears are the most sensitive part. Don’t be harsh while cleaning this area. Use mild shampoo or mix the shampoo with water before using them on the ears.
  • Look for mud build up in the body. As the dogs go out very often, they can have mud build up very easily. Make sure to clean the nails properly.
  • Clean the paws as well. Add some moisturizer if they seem dry.


Some breeds also have issues with epiphora. Epiphora means excess tear build up which leaves a strain on the fur. You can use ‘Naturvet’ or colloidal silver on cotton balls.

Brush those fangs:

Dental hygiene is also important. Buy a dog toothpaste and brush for your dog. Make a routine for brushing the teeth. But first, make sure your dog is comfortable with the brand you bought. If your dog shows reluctance, try to give him a treat.

Clip the nails:

Clipping the nails will keep them healthy as long nails are painful for your dog. But be extra careful while cutting the nails. Avoid the quick which is mainly the area with the blood vessel and dark in color.

Trim above the quick. Start by cutting little at first. Buy a proper clipping toolset for your dog.

Regular physical checkup:

A dog with short hair needs regular body checkup. Check his paws, skin, ears, eyes, and teeth. If your dog shows any sign of discomfort or illness call for a veterinarian. Take medical as long as you need. Schedule a regular checkup session with your pet doctor. These ensure good health for your dog.

Final thoughts

Dogs with short hairs need proper grooming like any other breeds. Regular grooming will ensure the maximum comfort of your dog. It will also minimize the fall out of the fur which will keep your house clean as well.

Invest in good grooming tools and keep them clean and organized. Perform all the steps mentioned above with care. Your dog will enjoy these efforts. This will make your dog love you even more.

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