Best Dog Brush 2017 Reviews – A complete buying guide

Best dog brush reviews
One of the most frustrating parts of owning a pet is cleaning up their hair, that seems to stick to everything. However, proper grooming of your pet’s coat, can prevent some of this shedding and keep your home almost completely hair-free. Choosing the right pet brush is essential to their care. It will protect their skin, produce a healthy, clean, and shiny coat, and make them feel secure and happy.

There are several types of brushes that are designed to do different things for your dog. Slicker brushes work with all types of dog coats. They have a curved or flat head with rows of wire pins that remove loose fur while detangling the fur. Pin brushes are like slicker brushes, but the pins are tipped with a rubber or plastic tip that is made for silkier and longer coats of fur. Bristle brushes are perfect for dogs that are wiry and short. They will remove any debris and will leave a nice shine. A shedding blade is a type of brush that is shaped like a horseshoe with small teeth that work to remove loose fur. An undercoat rake is a tool that is like a pin brush, but has longer and fewer pins. It is a fantastic way to get into the heavy and double coats.

When choosing a brush for your favorite four-legged friend, it is important to think about how the brushes are designed and what they are designed to do. Brushes are designed with different dog breeds in mind. Short-haired dogs and long-haired dogs need different brushes. Dogs with thicker fur need different brushes than those with silkier coats. You can’t just go and choose just any brush. Here are some of the top picks in the industry that offer superior results.

Our Top Pick

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush is the best dog brush for shedding, because it has long stainless-steel pins that have been grounded and polished to loosen up fur deep in your dog’s coat. The handle is made of a lightweight beech wood, so that it is easier to grip. It has been recommended by many groomers for its quality.

Best Value For Money

Oster Large Combo Brush for Dogs

The Oster Large Combo Brush for Dogs is an ideal choice because of its versatility and affordability. It has gentle tips with round tips and an ergonomic handle that makes it the best dog brush for German shepherds and other large breeds. When you need a low-budget option, this brush is ideal, because it can be used for the shedding process and everyday coat maintenance.

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Here are the Reviews of The Best Dog Brushes

To save you some time, we have compiled some of the top choices in canine brushes to help you find the best dog grooming brush for your pet.

1.Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

This oval pin brush has polished and ground tips that are the smoothest tips available. It uses stainless steel pins of a high-quality and a handle that is easy to hold comfortably. It is a durable option that is also affordable.

This oval pin brush is made with superior and durable materials. It is great for daily use and detangling. It glides smoothly through the fur and can be used on dogs that don’t shed.

Things We Like
  • Made with high-quality materials that are made to last
  • Works well for taking out mats
  • Great for dogs with hair and fur that is long (but thin) or short
  • Best dog brush for short hair
  • Can be used for detangling, or everyday use
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not strong enough for a long and thick coat
  • Bristles have been known to push through the pad, but this usually happens after a prolonged period of time.

2. Oster Large Combo Brush for Dogs

This dual use brush offers a natural bristle side and a pin bristle side for detangling and removing fur and distributing essential oils throughout the fur. Offers the same benefits as the FURminator brush, but is a lot larger, so it can be used on larger dogs.

The Oster Large Combo Brush is the best dog brush for labs. It is designed to detangle the fur with the pin bristle side, which has plastic, round-tipped pins to protect the skin. The natural bristle side is ideal for smoothing out the fur and work great for starting the grooming process or everyday use.

Things We Like
  • Long enough bristles to comb through long coats and tangles
  • Natural bristle side is perfect for short-haired dogs and for smoothing the coat afterwards
  • Can be used for dogs of all ages
Things We Didn't Like
  • Ergonomically-designed for humans more than for dogs
  • Not designed to be extra sturdy, many reviewers stated that it didn’t last long

3. SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

The patented blade is made of high carbon steel that gently and safely removes dirt, dander, and loose hair without irritating and snagging your pet’s skin and prevents damage to your dog’s coat. SleekEZ stated that pet owners who use the brand will experience 95 % less shedding after just one use.
The SleekEZ Original Deshedding tool is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, which is ideal for when you have a snarly beast mane to tame. It is designed for medium dogs to large dogs, comes with a lifetime warranty, and is made in the USA. Also, the brush is great for removing hair from the furniture, cars, blankets, carpets, and pet beds. The 5” version is perfect for dogs with shorter-coats and dogs with wire-haired coats.

This deshedding tool works with a variety of types of dog fur, including short-hair, long-hair, and thick undercoats. Dogs can be more sensitive to brushes with bristles that are too long, because it can scratch and irritate the skin. This tool comes in different lengths, including a 2.5”, 5”, and 10” option to ensure that you can choose the size that is perfect for your dog’s coat

Things We Like
  • High success rate for eliminating shedding
  • Various size options to choose from for dogs of all sizes
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Removes loose fur
  • Uses a patented wave pattern
Things We Didn't Like
  • Can’t remove tangles and mates. These need to be removed before use
  • No handle

4. Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding

This slicker brush is made with 4” stainless steel with rounded edges to prevent damage to your dog’s skin. Ninety percent of your dog’s hair can be removed in just minutes.

The Chirpy Pets Dog Brush is the best option for short hair shedding. Grooming is a terrific way to build the bond between you and your pet and it works to eliminate some of the stress. The brush comes with an unbreakable guarantee and a protective cover will allow it to last longer.

The handle is designed for optimal strength, so that the brush will not break. However, there is a money back guarantee, in case it does.

Things We Like
  • The brush includes a quick release button that lets you remove the comb for easy storage
  • The handle is made with an ergonomic design created by veterinarians and has a non-slip grip material to make it easier to use
  • Comb is made of an anti-rust material that will remove loose fur comfortably without removing the topcoat of hair
  • Includes an eyelet hole for convenient storage
Things We Didn't Like
  • Not used on pets who don’t shed for normal maintenance, such as poodles and Schnauzers
  • Reports from consumers state that it doesn’t last long or the handle doesn’t stay on
  • Some reports stated that the continued use left an uneven coat and damage to the top coat

5. KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Toy

This neat shaped Zoom Groom brush removes your dog’s loose hair and stimulates the capillaries for natural oil production, leading to healthy coat and skin. Works great during shampooing to remove the loose hair and improve the quality of the skin. The ZoomGroom Brush comes in two styles for dogs and cats. There is a softer choice, the blue colored choice, for pups and smaller breeds, and a firmer brush, the red colored choice, for larger dog breeds.

Some of the miniature dog owners use the cat brush, because the bristles work better than the dog brush option for small dogs. It is the best dog brush for golden retrievers, although it covers a smaller area than many other large dog brushes.

Things We Like
  • Multiple options
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Works to stimulate the capillaries, so it will enhance the quality of your pet’s coat
  • Can be used during the shampooing process, so it also helps integrate the shampoo throughout the dog’s coat
  • Can be used for everyday grooming needs
  • Pulls a lot of fur
Things We Didn't Like
  • It is hard to remove the hair from the brush, so it can take longer to clean the brush once it’s filled with hair
  • Not good for long-coated shepherds, huskies, border collie-husky mixes, or short haired breeds

6. FURminator Dog Dual Brush, Large

The FURminator has more to offer than just a great name. It helps to remove tangles, mats, and loose hair and has two sides for both silky and short hair.

This brush has been designed to naturally contour your dog’s body and head. The pin brush side is used for dogs with silky hair and the bristly brush side is designed for dogs with short coats. This professional quality grooming tool is designed with the entire shedding cycle in mind.

It can finish off the coat to create a shine that is natural for dogs with long coats. It is also made with anti-microbial plastic to help keep bacteria and germs to a minimum.

Things We Like
  • The double option brush allows you to use the natural bristle side to begin the process and the pin bristle side for separating the hair and smoothing it out after the mats and snarls have been removed
  • Works great for long haired dogs
  • Gentle enough to use on dogs with sensitive fur
  • Helps to remove debris and excess hair, while allowing natural oils to be distributed throughout the coat and skin to keep the coat healthy and looking great
Things We Didn't Like
  • Small brush that is only good for small breeds
  • There are better options for short-haired breeds
  • Grip has been known to fall off or break during use

7. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, Medium

This self-cleaning dog slicker makes grooming your dog easy. The stainless-steel pins remove mats, tangles, and dead hair and then the bristles retract to make it easy to clean.

  • Comes in three sizes for small, medium, and large dogs
  • The product works on all coat types and can be used everyday
  • Retractable pins making cleaning the brush simple and easy
  • Regular use will reduce shedding and allow for a healthier home and coat
Things We Like
  • Retractable bristles make it easier to clean
  • The brush holds a large majority of the hair, so it isn’t blowing around your home
  • Versatile use for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small pets
Things We Didn't Like
  • Pin bristles may be too rough for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Not good with mats
  • Bristles are very thin and can be sharp, causing harm to your dog
  • Not long lasting
  • Many consumers stated that their dogs hated it being used on them

8. Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

This easy to clean dog grooming brush removes tangles, mats, and loose hair with comfort and minimal effort. It works on dogs with both short hair and long hair and dogs from small, to large sizes. It is a versatile option that is also self-cleaning.

The Pro Quality Self-Cleaning Slicker brush works great for both cats and dogs with long or short hair. It is made with your pet’s comfort in mind, so that the grooming experience can be enjoyable.

The self-cleaning feature allows for the brush to be cleaned in only 5 seconds with the push of a button and a wipe. It is gentle on your dog’s skin, and has soft and flexible bristles. This contrasts from the Safari Self-Cleaning grooming brush, but doesn’t work as good on dogs with thicker coats of fur. This highly recommended brush also comes with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee and a free dog grooming ebook

Things We Like
  • Tested and proven to be the best dog grooming brush
  • Can be used regularly for coat maintenance
  • Efficiently gets through thick double coats to provide a shiny and soft coat
  • Can be used on both shedding and non-shedding breeds
  • Pin bristles are made of stainless steel that remove dead hair, tangles, and mats
  • Allow for use on pets with sensitive skin
Things We Didn't Like
  • Limited warranty
  • Reports that the bristles won’t stay out without the button being held down after just 45 days of use
  • Some users stated that the bristles were still too rough on their dogs

Things to consider before buying dog brushes

There are a few things that you may want to consider before you choose the best grooming brush for your dog. You likely know whether your dog sheds or not, by the amount of your pet’s hair that you find around your home. Even if your dog doesn’t shed, you should still make sure to comb through their hair to prevent mats. It will make them comfortable and make it easier for when you get their hair cut. Dog’s that shed, won’t need a haircut, and will have their fur all over your home. Dogs with hair will need a haircut regularly, because their hair continues to grow.

The first is to decide what you will need the brush for primarily. If you need it because your pup is full of snarls and mats, then you want to get a brush that can take these mats out and not one that is designed for everyday maintenance. You don’t want to buy the SleekEZ dog deshedding brush to get the mats out, because the brush only works after they are out. This brush is designed for removing the loose hair, debris, and dirt.

Next, you need to determine whether your dog has long or short hair, and whether they have a double coat. This will help you decide the type of brush that your dog will need. It can help you choose the brush with the right size bristles. You don’t want to choose a brush with super long bristles for a short haired dog, because it will be easier for you to scratch their skin with the bristles.

Thirdly, you may need to try a few brushes before you find one that your pet feels comfortable. Having a few brushes may serve to work well anyways. For example, if you find that your pet gets a lot of tangles after a bath, you may want to get the KONG ZoomGroom brush that can be used during tub time. However, you will find that the Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker brush is better for after tub time, because it is much easier to clean out. Not all brushes are great for everyday use. The dual use brushes are a wonderful choice, because they are versatile.

It is important that you find the brush that is going to allow grooming time to be a time where you can bond with your pet. It is a time where you can make them feel safe and they can really enjoy being rid of that dead hair. When you choose the right brush, it makes it easier on you and your pup.


Not all brushes are created equal and they are not created for the same purposes either. Your dog has unique needs and specialized needs, depending on the size, breed, and hair/fur type. Therefore, it is essential for you to make sure that you choose a brush that gets rid of the loose hair, stimulates the production of essential oils, to create a healthy coat, and prevents skin damage.

  • Look for pin brushes that have rounded tips or tips with rubber or plastic tips, if you have a sensitive pup.
  • Make sure to place your hand above where you are brushing, when you are brushing out a mat to minimize the pulling of good hair. Combing through the mat with the tip of the comb can work to get the mat out effectively.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure, so that you keep the bristles from penetrating the skin.
  • Always check to make sure that your dog has no open wounds or sores before you begin brushing them.
  • Search the reviews to see if your breed is mentioned and listen to the advice these pet owners must prevent buying a brush that doesn’t work well for your breed
  • Groom your pet in a calming environment to prevent stress and make the experience a positive one.
  • Choose a good dog shampoo, because it can prevent matting. A shampoos that is more expensive will protect your dog’s skin and coat better.
  • Regular maintenance of your dog’s coat is ideal for in between pet groomer visits

If you follow these tips, your pet will not mind getting groomed, you will prevent fur from consuming your home, and you will have a healthy and happy pet.

Lab Experts Ratings
  • Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush
  • Oster Large Combo Brush for Dogs
  • SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool
  • Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding
  • KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Toy
  • FURminator Dog Dual Brush, Large
  • Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, Medium
  • Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

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