Are bully sticks digestible if swallowed?

Are bully sticks digestible if swallowed
The plain and simple answer to your question is yes, it’s digestible. But don’t go away yet. Because you need to know something more than just a yes.

There are many factors you need to be concerned with. But don’t get overwhelmed by our tone. Keep reading and we’ll try to answer almost all possible questions for any kind of situation with bully sticks.

Before we start our talk on digestible bully sticks, let’s give you a quick solution.

Use vise grip to make sure that your dog can’t swallow after done chewing the quality bully stick you provided. Attach the grip to the last inch of the stick.

What are bully sticks actually?

Some people have a misconception about bully sticks. They think that these toys are made of muscle, but actually, they are not. They are made from a bull or dried steer penis. It is considered to be the animal by-product.

Are they made in a healthy way?

Yes, they are cooked to make them bacteria free and dried for a long time to be odorless. They are even good for puppy and all dog breeds of all ages. After drying, they are cut into desired sizes as per advertised.

They can be of different sizes and shapes. The shapes can be different for different manufacturers. Popular sizes are 6-inches and 12-inch bully sticks.

Is it harmful in any way?

If your dog gets chocked, sure it’s harmful. Buy the proper size for your dog so that it can comfortably chew. Keep an eye or at least try to keep an eye. But accidents can happen anytime. So, if something happens, immediately contact your vet.

Any harm by swallowing will not happen because these are 100% natural. No chemicals are used while processing. But if your dog is allergic to beef, you might consider again before buying digestible bully sticks. In this case, you can try some alternatives to bully sticks.

Tell me more

Buy quality bully sticks from reliable sources.

Don’t buy Rawhide as they are chemically processed and made. Bully sticks, on the other hand, is completely natural. Digestible bully sticks are made from hormone and antibiotic free beef.

These are digested like normal food. Bully sticks are very solid in nature which helps to scrape off plaque and tartar buildup. The sticks are dried in an oven or sundries to remove bacteria and odor.

Now, let’s see some digestible bully sticks which are premium quality bully sticks and will be good for puppies. You can easily buy these items from Amazon or eBay. These items are very popular and frequently bought by pet owners.

1. 6-inch Supreme Bully Sticks by Best Bully Sticks

  • These bully sticks are from grass-fed bulls
  • Very good to maintain the dental health of your dog
  • It contains protein and essential vitamins
  • 100% digestible and good for your puppy
  • Best alternative to rawhide
  • 25 sticks in one pack and 6 inches in length
  • No more than 1 per day is recommended

2. 100% Natural 6-inch Bully Sticks by Best Bully Sticks

  • 100% natural and USDA/FDA approved
  • No hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals or additives are used while making these sticks
  • Totally made in the USA. Not like other sticks made in China
  • These are single ingredient and completely digestible
  • These bully sticks are helpful to remove plaque and tartar
  • Size is 6 inches in length and the pack weighs 8 ounces
  • Not totally odorless

3. Patriot Pet 12 Inch USA Bully Sticks 8 Pack

  • Bully sticks from patriot pet are natural, safe, and 100% American beef
  • Quality is guaranteed as these sticks are collected from free-ranging cattle
  • No antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals are present
  • Improves your dog’s oral health
  • The processing is made sure of no bacteria
  • These are perfect for medium to large sized dogs
  • The pack contains 12-inches 8 pieces of sticks

4. Best For My Pets Odor Free 6-Inch Bully Sticks

  • Features grain-free, low-fat, and protein-rich bully sticks
  • Multi-step manufacturing process ensured bacteria-free, odorless, hand-inspected, and high-quality sticks
  • Hundred percent digestible with no harmful chemicals, hormones, or preservatives being used
  • Beef flavored sticks keep your dog away from your shoe and furniture
  • Dogs love this brand’s treats but these are a bit thinner than others in the market
  • The pack weighs 8 ounces and contains 6-inches sticks

These are some options you can consider for your dog. You can also check out some inexpensive very good alternatives to bully stick. This is the last part of our complete talk about bully sticks. Read all the options and choose the best one for your little buddy.

Inexpensive alternatives

  • If your dog doesn’t have an upset stomach from gas, you can give it cow’s hooves. They are low priced and long lasting.
  • Dried chews made from cow’s ears and pig’s ears are also very good option to consider.
  • You can consider pig snouts but they are not inexpensive and they provide chondroitin along with protein.
  • Our favorite alternative is naturally shed Deer, Moose, or Elk antlers. These are free of bacteria and high in protein, glucosamine and chondroitin. We love it because these are the most inexpensive and long-lasting alternative out there.

One last piece of advice before we go. Wash your hand properly after you hold any of these treats. Because these treats may contain some bacteria not harmful to dogs but life-threatening for a human.

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