Are Bully Sticks Good for Your Dogs?

Are Bully Sticks Good for Your Dogs

What are bully sticks?

So, many of the dog owners know what bully sticks are. But if you are a new dog owner and want to know about the dog’s food, this one is for you. First, let’s talk about the ingredients of bully sticks. In short, bully sticks are beef pizzle. Which means the pizzle or penis of a bull. Bully sticks are 100% beef sticks dog treats and dog chews. And this is one of the most favorite food for your beloved dog.

How it’s made?

When you have heard bully sticks are “bull’s penis”, It might be gross to you. But for your dog, it’s good for their health and they love it also.

The process, however, differs from manufacture to manufacture. Generally, bully sticks are drained of its fluid and then cooked. The cooking process has also various methods and standard as per manufactures. Most commonly bully sticks are smoked or baked.

Tips: Thicker bully sticks take long for a dog to consume

But if you have a question in mind that are bully sticks digestible? The answer is, yes. But thicker bully sticks take long for a dog to consume. At first, bully sticks are cleaned and refrigerated to ensure safety. Then it is hung and cooked in an oven to make bacteria free and safe for your dog’s consumption. By hanging it, most of the moisture is removed from the penis of a bull. And when they are dried, the less odor it will have. After drying, bully sticks are cut into different shapes and sizes to suit different types of dogs.

Pros and cons of bully sticks

  • Bully sticks are free of preservatives, soy grains, and artificial flavors
  • Source of glucosamine and chondroitin which are beneficial for dog’s health
  • Support joint health for your growing puppies
  • Bully sticks have high amount of protein in their dried from
  • 100% beef and highly digestible for your dog
  • Large size of bully sticks is not good for your puppy
  • Bully sticks along with chew is forbidden
  • Chews are 100% of health risk whereas bully sticks are not
Bully sticks are low in fat compared with the other chews

If you have confusion with which sizes of bully sticks you should give your dog, here the solution for you. Maintain the chart below.

Breed Weight Range




Daily Bully Sticks


Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua >7 17.5 1″/day
Miniature Dachshund <11 16 – 22 1 – 1.5″/day
Miniature Poodle, Pug 9 – 18 23 – 38 1 – 2.5″/day
Standard Dachshund, Beagle 16 – 32 34 – 60 2 – 4″/day
Bulldog 40 – 50 50 – 75 3 – 5″/day
Labrador Retriever, Boxer 50 – 80 60 – 120 4 – 8″/day
German Shepherd 75 – 95 130 – 165 8 – 10.5″/day
Rottweiler 85 – 135 108 – 302+ 9 – 15″ or more/day
Mastiff 120 – 180 156 – 305+ 10 – 20″ or more/day

Alternatives to bully sticks

There are a number of safe and healthy foods available for your dog. All of them were under our supervision and then we have made a list for you. These are the best alternatives to bully sticks available in the market currently.

Carrots – A popular dog treats which are full of vitamin A-packed

Nylabone Dog Chew – Very hard but with bacon flavor

SmartBones Chicken Dog Chew – Digestible and delicious

Himalayan Dog Chew – All natural ingredients

Naturally Shed Antlers – Expensive but high-quality dog chew

Why should I choose bully sticks as a treat?

If your dogs like to chew a lot and you want to prevent your dog munching on your valuable things, you might choose bully sticks for your dog. You should choose bully sticks over the other chews and treats as bully sticks are not just safe treat for your dogs, it also does a variety of health benefit to your dogs.

A bully stick is easily digestible as well as it can be used as your dog’s favorite chew or treat. The baked beef is full of protein and tasty which is the ideal food for your dog. It will help your puppy to gain healthy muscle and joints. And the highly digestible bully sticks are free from any chemicals and free of preservatives.

Are there any health issues?

Critics and many of the dog owners say bully sticks are delicious but dangerous dog food. But what’s our honest opinion? Let’s be straightforward. Yeah, it has some health issues with your dog. But are these issues have any big health problems? Don’t worry fellows, it does not.

There is some truths bully sticks sellers and manufacturers keep hidden from you. First of all, bully sticks are known for a low-calorie snack. But in reality, it has found very high in calories. Another misconception is that most of the dog owners know bully sticks as completely bacteria free. But in reality, it is not. However, the number of bacteria will not do any serious harm to your dog’s health. It is only harmful if not handled correctly. Read “how to use bully sticks and preserve it correctly” for safe use.

So, all of the confusions about bully sticks are removed from your head now? What’s then? It’s time to make up your mind which bully sticks or dog chew you would go now. We would like to suggest you choose from our top 5 bully stick list and give your dog its favorite food today.

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