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President Donald Trump With Dogs

Hello and Welcome! Here you will find a wealth of information on celebrity dogs, including Donald Trumps’ new dog, Paris Hilton’s superfamily of all different types of dogs which even have their own house; and other celebrities pooches, namely, Miley Cyrus and Kendal Jenner. You will also get to know about two different hugely popular breeds:

  1. Hugely Popular Goldendoodles
  2. Pomeranians

Top 3 Dog Accesorries

Our Recommended 4 Dog Leashes

BrandProductAuthor RatingPrice
FlexiFLEXI NEON LEASH4.6 Star Rating
There is also lots of read about the best dog accessories. These have been professionally tested, and you can clearly see the pros and cons of each product. This will enable you to decide on the ones which will be right for your beloved pooch before wasting money on buying items that you and your 4 legged friend will not like. The pet carriers that are reviewed include:

  1. Sherpa Deluxe Dog Carrier
  2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel
  3. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Jessica with Dogs

America’s First Dog

Donald Trump picked a beautiful, gentle and affectionate breed of dog for the White House, a Goldendoodle. Celebrity dog names are often unusual, and the president has given him a very important name: Patton, after the famous heroic WW2 General. No doubt it is going to be given a lot of affection, and will be able to run about on the grounds and in the private quarters of the West Wing. Hopefully, Patton will have a few celebrity dog beds scattered over its new enormous presidential home as well!

First developed in the 90s, a Goldendoodle (AKA Groodle), is a designer dog, and is a crossbreed of a poodle and golden retriever. This charming dog comes in different sizes from large to small, according to the type of poodle which the golden retriever has bred with. One of its characteristics is being quite adaptable, although they do not particularly like being cooped up in an apartment. They make a fabulous pet if you are a novice dog owner; they have a high level of sensitivity, which is great for human-dog interaction; can manage being left on their own fairly well; and can tolerate both hot and cold weather to a good degree.

When it comes to all around friendliness, groodles get a five out of five, as they do for showing affection to the family, being child friendly, and making friends with other dogs. Generally speaking, they are friendly toward strangers as well. They are pretty good at keeping themselves groomed, do not drool much, and do not shed their fur a lot like other breeds which is good news for keeping the home and furniture clean. Moreover, due to their fantastic coat, they are nice and easy to groom, and there are plenty of dog accessories to keep their coat smooth and shiny and in tip top condition just like any celebrity dog’s fur is expected to be!

A Goldendoodle’s general health is reasonable, but they have a slight inclination to gain weight, so you have to watch their diet and ensure they are getting enough exercise, especially as this breed demands plenty of running around and activities. They have a high energy level, so taking them out to accompany you on a long walk or quick jog to the store etc., will be a lot of fun for both of you. It also helps with dog training, as the last thing anyone wants is a dog pooping all over their home. Dogs like and understand regularity, so taking them for a walk, no matter how short, at a regular time each day, or putting them out in the garden at regular times, means they have a chance to go to the toilet. So first thing in the morning and last thing at night is a must, as is intervals during the day.

Ivanka with dogs
And some dogs are able to use a litter tray as well as cats: it is all a question of getting them used to it as a pup, and trying to train them. There are a number of pet accessories for this purpose, such as really large litter trays and pooper scoopers.

pic of Goldendoodles at home

Goldendoodles are also renowned as versatile working dogs, and are successful at acting as sniffer dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and guide dogs, and help many people who need support. They are extremely loyal, and anyone who is ill, can expect them to be continually by their side. They are not really guard dogs though, so if you need a guard for your home, a groodle is not for you.

Groodles are also super intelligent and not mouthy (something Donald Trump will really be happy with). Also, their potential for playfulness is very high, so having dog accessories including a strong harness and leach is crucial to keep them in tow and to stop and their slight potential for wanderlust. Washington DC gets cold in winter, as do many other regions, so having some suitable winter dog clothes for your groodle is the way to go if you live in such climes. There are all kinds of innovative outfits, and so not only will your furry friend look and feel good, he or she will also get some admiring looks from passersby as well. A Donald Trump dog shirt would definitely attract a lot of looks. And when it come to playthings, a Donald Trump toy is likely to be one of the more luxury dog accessories! So all things considered, if you are thinking of getting a groodle, you are certainly in for a lot of affection, excitement and fun!

Paris Hilton’s Fabulous Dog Family

When she was a teenager, dog lover, Hilton, wanted to train as a veterinarian, but other things happened to make her a media star, so she decided to have a wonderful collection of different types of dogs, some of which came from a rescue center. Hilton is one of the most famous Hollywood celebrities who is mad about furry friends, and around 30 pooches are treated to a life of luxury with her. And there is even a Paris Hilton perfume for dogs, so that everyone can give their furry companion a touch of Hollywood panazz. Hilton’s dogs can be seen on their continually updated dedicated Facebook page and Instagram account: Hilton Pets. Hilton is also known for her charitable donations to animal charities. Following them is great fun, and sometimes you can get clothing ideas from these mini Hollywood celebrities!

Paris Hiltoon with dogs
Being celebrity dogs, they live in a huge 300-square-foot, personalized air conditioned doggy mansion complete with designer furnishings and décor.When in and around their own house, the pooches do not need to be kept on a dog leash. Hilton likes to have a few rare breeds among her dog brood; one of them, a fabulous teacup pomeranian named The Pom, cost her $13,000.
Hilton loves poms, and another one, a female, is named Marilyn Monroe, no doubt after Hilton’s love of the iconic Hollywood star. And another is called Harajuku Bitch, and she really hits the dog parade when it comes to four legged way out canine fashion.
Then there is a small dog bear pomeranian, that goes by the name of Baby Bear. And another teacup Pomeranian, Princess Paris Junior, definitely looks like a royal pooch. And Hilton even puts diamantes around her neck, and attached them to a luxury dog leash.

Pomeranians are very smart, and have big personalities for such small dogs (they weigh in at around 5 lbs). They are fascinated by everything, and are always on the alert. They adore being the the main attraction, and need lots of cuddles. They are suited to both apartments and houses, and love a good run. So there is no doubt that the Parri’s dogs live better life than us!

Unfortunately, when it comes to dog training, they are at the back of the queue, so patience is a virtue!

paris introduce perfume for dog

Paris Hilton perfume for dogs

Then there is the mini pincher, Dollar, a dog which believes it is much bigger than it actually is, which Hilton rescued from an animal shelter. There is also a cute chihuahua named Peter Pan, who loves the shops like his shopaholic owner, which means he is having a lot of fun strolling down Rodeo Drive like other Hollywood celebrities on his fancy dog leash! On top of this there is a mom and daughter chihuahua, appropriately named Prada and Dolce, respectively. And then there is the pug, Mugsy. Mugsy does not make all the photos shots like some of the others, but she is still dearly loved.

Remembering thirty different dog names must be quite difficult for Hilton and her pet staff who tend to their needs and dog training when she is out and about.

And although Hilton likes to take one small dog with her in her latest bag or dog carrier, she cannot possibly take them all!

Other Hollywood Celebrities and their Doggy Friends

Kendall Jenner and Norman

Jeniffer with dogs
This popular supermodel and sister of the Kardashians, adores Norman, her terrific Italian greyhound.

Miley Cyrus and Milky

Miley Cyrus and Milky
Miley is super popular, and a dedicated vegan. Her most recent addition to her pooch squad is Milky, a very luck pit bull which she saved from a rescue center.

Essential Dog Accessories

A number one essential is an appropriate dog carrier. This is very important in cases when your dog needs to go to the vet. And although, unlike a Donald Trump dog, your dog will not be jet setting round on Air Force 1, and unlike a Paris Hilton dog, your dog will not be accompanying you on a private Lear jet, you will probably be taking him or her on holiday via plane, train or car, or on a trip to see friends or relatives. So be sure you have a first-class strong, secure dog carrier ready at hand.

1. The Sherpa Deluxe Dog Carrier

This is our top recommended dog carrier, and it looks like a celebrity dog accessory. The main advantage is that it super easy to carry due to its light weight. Other features include a luxury imitation lambskin base for your pooch to snuggle up on. In addition to this, it meets all the specifications required by commercial airlines. It is fabricated from a type of nylon which is nice and durable, and features panels made from mesh which give your furry traveling companion plenty of  air ventilation and circulation.

Things We Like
  • The pros include it is is available in three sizes: small, medium and large; offers a range of colors.
  • Nice and light to carry over your shoulder, moreover, a vehicle seat belt straps fits nice and easily over the carrier handle.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The con is that if your dog does a number one or two in this type of dog carrier, it is not as easy to clean as a more sturdy model.

2. The Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

The best point is having two doors, especially when it comes to putting in and taking out your extra lively or unwilling pooch. Other features include the superior visibility and ventilation. This kennel which weighs 3.52 lbs, is fabricated with heavy-duty plastic, yet is still stylish and sturdy. Together, the plastic and steel wire serve to make the pet carrier safe and strong, and your pooch can enjoys lots of visibility. There is a secure bolt and wing nut design, and the front door is made of steel and boasts a strong secure latch. There is also a comfortable carry handle. Check this out on Amazon.
Things We Like
  • The pros include 2 dog doors designed to facilitate simple access
  • Safer transportation with strong ergonomic carrier handle
  • Two sizes: 24.05 inches X 16.75 inches X 14.5 inches (on the outside), 21 inches x 14.75 inches x 13.25 inches (on the inside), and a slightly smaller 19 inch model.
  • Perfect for small dogs under 15 inches long and 7 inches high.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The only real con is that plastic pet carriers like this are much easier to clean and disinfect.

3. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

The best point is that dogs who weigh up to 20 lbs are ideal for this large particular pet carrier. Other features include luxurious fleece bedding which is easily washable, as is the sturdy bottom panel. Designed for convenience, there is a complete zipped opening on one side, and a half zipped opening on the other. In addition to this, mesh panels facilitate maximum ventilation and accessibility for your pooch. There is also a Pet Connect zip at the side which is perfect for stroking and reassuring your 4 legged friend in the middle of a journey, such as when you are traveling by train or are on a flight. Furthermore, this dog carrier is fantastic for going out and about locally or downtown, and your pooch will enjoy the view! There is also a strong puller, on the end of the carrier, and this miraculously switches to a shoulder strap.

Things We Like
  • The pros includes a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, it comes in a variety of fun colors, it is easy to pull along, is 18 inches x 11 inches by x 9 inches on the inside.
  • Ideal for all pooches weighing up to 20 lbs.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The con is that it is more expensive than most other pet carriers.

Dog Leashes

1. TaoTronics Retractable Tangle Free Dog Leash

The best point about this 16 foot dog leash is that it does not tangle! Other features include: the tough nylon fabric, the mechanism that allows users to easily retract the leash, and the basic ergonomic design.

Things We Like
  • The pros are that you are in control at all times, and that your pooch can be given a wide berth.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Nothing found!

2. Flexi Neon Leash

The best point that this 16 foot dog leash has to offer is the fact that its neon reflective cord a superb help when walking your pooch in the dark. It can also be regarded as a safety feature. Other features include its ergonomic handle, and excellent recoil system.

Things We Like
  • The main pro is that oncoming traffic will spot your pooch.
Things We Didn't Like
  • None

3. Pawtitas Reflective Dog Leash

The best point about this leash is that it comes in two sizes: one is for smaller puppies (at 5/8 inches wide), and the other is 1 inch wide. Other features include its reflective strip, the padding of the leach, and a super
spectrum of colors.

Things We Like
  • The main pro is the reflective component.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The con is the fact that the fancy colored material of the dog leash, while looking very nice at the get go, can easily get destroyed, especially if your pooch runs around with his or her leash trailing on the ground.

4. Pet Lovers Two Layer Dog Leash

The best point is the fact it is heavy duty due to its two layered construction (making it twice as thick as most leashes ). Other features include the padded handle which protects the walkers’ hand, and the 6 foot length, which means having control over your pooch. You can check its price on Amazon.
Things We Like
  • The best pro is the strength
Things We Didn't Like
  • The con is that it is not reflective.


In summary, while not everyone is a celebrity, everyone’s pooch can still be treated like one. With lots of love and attention, and right dog accessories such as a first class dog carrier and top dog leash, you four legged companion can definitely enjoy life just like Donald Trump’s dog, or one of Paris Hilton’s famous pooches.

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