How Effective and Beneficial Are Dog DNA Tests?

How Effective and Beneficial Are Dog DNA Tests
As a human being, we take precautions to protect ourselves from many deadly diseases. Although we get sick time to time, it could be worse if we don’t take preventive measures.

Our point here is that we would take every opportunity to protect our best buddies from illness. A major way to do that is by knowing which breed the dog is and you can do it by dog DNA test.

Knowing your dog’s breed will give you the insight of common diseases and how to prevent them. There are more benefits to the test and it’d cost you almost nothing. Here, we’ll talk about how effective and beneficial are dog DNA tests.

Let’s start with the basics.

Be familiar with Dog DNA test

If you’re a dog owner, you must’ve been questioned at least once about your dog’s breed. Maybe you didn’t have a satisfactory answer to give. Worry no more!

Your dog may not say its breed but its DNA can. The process is very simple and easy to follow. All it needs is some DNA sample and the brand of your DNA test kit will provide you with the results.

What you have to do is buy the best dog DNA test kit and collect the sample as advised. We’ll talk about that in details very soon. The upper section of our article will help you decide whether the test is necessary or not.

Why should you do it?

There are 2 main reasons to test your dog’s DNA. One is to know the behavior of your dog. Because some breeds are super friendly with your kids and some are super loyal to guarding. So, knowing the breed will help you act and train your dog accordingly.

The second one is the health benefits. There are some common diseases in particular dog breeds. There are preventive measures too. But you can’t take the measures if you don’t know which breed your dog is.
Also, there are more to the reason. Let’s get to know the benefits.

Is there any health benefits of dog DNA test?

Yes, of course, there are some health benefits of dog DNA test. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even bother writing this and try to convince you to do the test. We only do what’s best for our cute buddies.

The main health benefit is that it allows identifying potential genetic health risks which will be revealed by knowing the dog’s breed. The risks may or may not occur but you’ll be prepared for any possible situation.

Another benefit is that you can predict weight range for your dog. If your dog is overweight or underweight, it’ll cause some serious issues. So, by knowing the range, you’ll be able to make the diet chart with the help of a vet.
The health benefits are not all, let’s see for some other benefits too.

Any other benefits?

Yes, we got some more reasons for you to do the DNA test.

  • Certain breeds have some bad behaviors. If you know the breed, you can train it the right way.
  • A fun reason to know your dog’s breed is to know the family tree.
  • The test also helps to maintain the level of diversity inbreeding.

How does DNA test work?

The instructions are fairly simple.

  • At first, opening the box, you’ll see the instructions to collect the DNA sample.
  • Some ask to collect saliva and some asks to collect a blood sample.
  • Collecting saliva is easy. Just swab the inside of your dog’s cheek with the given brush for up to 1 minute.
  • Drawing blood sample should be done in a vet’s office.
  • Once you’ve collected the saliva sample, dry it for 15 minutes and put it into the container came with the package.
  • Then, you mail it to the address given and wait for 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Soon, you’ll get a mail which will tell you which breed your dog is.

The DNA sample is run through a database containing over 13000 samples of over 250 dog breeds. So, the accuracy of the test is very high. To read more about it check out our article on “How Does Dog DNA Test Work”.

Is it effective or accurate?

The test is accurate but not 100% guaranteed. There are many error factors.

  • Fewer samples in the database will make less accurate results.
  • Not following the instructions properly will vary the result.
  • The physical look may be different from the DNA test result and you should know that determining a dog’s breed by looks is only 25% accurate.

The best option here is to take the DNA test for more accurate results.

Final words

The only reason you wouldn’t want to do the test is that you already know your dog’s breed. Because all other reasons indicate that you should do it without wasting any more time.

Some may argue the accuracy of the test. You should know that over the years, the process is perfected and you’ll get almost 100% accurate result.

We recommend that you should do it by choosing one the best dog DNA test kits from our list. But if you’re still confused, shut down your PC and go to the local vet. He/she will guide you what to do.

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