How to Get Rid of Dog Dandruff

How to Get Rid of Dog Dandruff

Do you see your dog biting, scratching and licking its skin all the time? Are there white flecks on your dog’s fur? Then it might be possible that your dog is suffering from dandruff.

Dandruff of dogs or seborrhea is a common problem among some breeds. Some mites can also cause dandruff which makes your dog’s life miserable.

So if your dog has this problem, you should consider to visit a veterinarian and take some necessary steps at home.

Types of dandruff:

There are different types of dandruff.

  • Dry dandruff: Dandruff is mostly common for dry skin type. German shepherds, Irish setters Dobermans are some common breeds having this type of dandruff.
  • Oily dandruff: Dandruff can also happen to oily skin.  Cocker Spanish, Basset Hounds, Labrador retrievers are some breeds prone to oily dandruff.
  • Cheyletiellosis: This is a skin disease caused by cheyletiella mites. It is also known as ‘walking dandruff’.

Causes of dandruff:

There are lots of reasons behind dog dandruff. Such as – inadequate bath, improper grooming, lack of nutrition, infection, dry weather, allergies. But not to worry. By following some steps anyone can get rid of seborrhea.

Ways to get rid of dog dandruff:

Proper bath routine:

If your dog is already showing signs of dandruff, then try to bathe him alternative days for a week. This will ensure your dog’s healthy skin.

Groom, groom, and groom:

Proper grooming is so important for your dog. Using correct grooming product is the key. For this select proper shampoo and brush type.


  • Find shampoos that are meant for dandruff removal of dogs. For dry dandruff go for shampoos with sulfur, salicylic acid or iodine.
  • For oily dandruff buy shampoos with coal tar, selenium sulfide, benzoyl peroxide.


Regular brushing can ensure healthy fur and skin. Correct brush type is important for skincare as well. Search for some dog brush review online and go for one specially made for dandruff.

Consider the diet:

Diet is also part of good health and skin. Buy foods that are only for dogs. Your dog food should be certified by AAFCO. Look for a brand that includes zinc, vitamin A and E, fatty acids in the food. Most importantly make sure your dog drinks lots of water in a day. Don’t hesitate to ask a pet doctor for advice.

Anti-dandruff spray:

You can also go for anti-dandruff spray which will half your job. But try to avoid buying one with alcohol in it.

Maintain the humidity:

Dry weather is one of the reasons behind dandruff. Try to keep your dog in a moist place. If you live in a hot country, buying a humidifier can save your dog’s life. Try to use a good moisturizing cream or vitamin E oil on a regular basis.

Natural and home remedies:

There are some natural but effective home remedies to cure dog dandruff which can make your dog’s life a lot easier.

Oil treatments:

Oil can come very handy in restoring the moisture to your dog’s skin. Several types of oil can be used.

  • Olive oil: Apply olive oil once daily on the skin until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Coconut oilCoconut oil may also come handy. Add some drops of coconut oil in lukewarm water and apply it onto the skin. Let it sit for a while. After that rinse it with shampoo.

You can add this oil in water and bathe your dog in the water. Vitamin E oil also will work just as fine.

Adding oil to food as supplements will also help. Just try to add some flax seed oil to the food and see the result.

Apple cider vinegar:

Mix apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water. Rub the mixture and let it dry.


Oatmeal bath is also a quick way to restore the oil balance in the skin. Mix oatmeal with water and let it sit for some time. Bathe your dog in the water afterward.

Beet solution:

Boil a whole beet plant in water. Let it cool and use this mixture to clean the skin and fur of your dog.

Lime juice:

Lime juice mixed with water will also help in reducing dog dandruff. It will make the fur look shiny as well.

Milk of Magnesia:

You can easily find it in any dispensary.  Just massage it into the skin and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse it with water afterward.

Fenugreek seed:

Soak some Fenugreek seed in water the night before. In the morning make a paste of them and apply it onto the skin. Leave it to dry and rinse off.


Try some mouthwash to replace water in the bath or mix it with water. This will help to keep the skin super clean and dandruff free.


This is a skin disease that happens due to cheyletiella mites which look like white flakes. They move from place to place. This can be serious as it can lead to further infections. So fast actions are required in this case.

  • Use shampoos or spray with pyrethrin for a month on a regular basis.
  • Normal flea control medicines should also work great for removing this type of walking dandruff.
  • Dip lime in sulfur. Use this mixture once in a week until you get the desired result.

Ask any veterinarian for prescribed medicine. They will suggest you ant long-term treatment if needed.

Make sure to check your other pets since Cheyletiellosis is contagious.

Prevent further attack:

Once after your dog is cured, maintain a regular cleaning routine. Keep your dog’s bedding, clothes clean. Use an insecticide to keep your house clean all the time. Be in touch with the veterinarian.

Final thoughts:

You may ultra-careful with grooming short hair dog of yours and all, but a proper care of dandruff may lead all these affections into null. Dog dandruff can get to a serious stage if nor treated well. So ask for medical help whenever needed. Also, keep your dog clean, maintain the diet and keep your dog well moist. Go for a monthly checkup for the dog. This will not only prevent dandruff but also make your dog healthy and good looking.  Your dog will also love these efforts.

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