How to Install Invisible Dog Fence?

How to install invisible dog fence
One of the most important things that should be taken into consideration for the safety of our dogs is certainly the dog fence that stops the pets and the dogs from crossing the safety boundaries of your homes. Haven’t you seen one of those already? Well, invisible dog fences are very important to make sure that dog of yours stays obedient and doesn’t wander off to unknown boundaries.

Installing an Invisible Dog Fence

Once you make all the necessary plans for the installation of the invisible dog fence. I mean, once all of the boundaries are set, the equipment has arrived, and all you have to do now is get on with the actual process. And that brings us to that one big step. To install invisible dog fence.

Before you go and start digging, taking a good look at the plan before would be recommended in case you need to make any adjustments at the last minute before actually installing the dog fence. Another pointer to keep in mind is to check for all the qualities when looking for invisible dog fences. Also, the existing underground lines should be marked by questioning the local utility companies before you set out to install invisible dog fence.

Now some people, like everyone else, have a solid ground for installing the invisible dog fence. However, many have a concrete ground such as sidewalks and driveways, and that makes the whole installation process a bit difficult and different as well. The entire process can be a bit overwhelming for people. Well, not to worry because we are here to help you with that.

In The Ground

It is not a surprise for anyone when we mention that most of the dog fence wires that come for installation are pretty much useless when used outdoors. It is important to have the best quality dog fences to ensure the safety of your dog, and for that, the wires and the fence products have to be of the apt measurements. Looking for efficient wires is something that you should do while you are buying dog fence materials. Now the upgrading of the materials may cost you some money, but it will be a great long-term investment as you won’t have to maintain it again and again for breaks.

If you are someone who has an already existing fence in your home, then you can staple the wire entirely to the fence, or you can also join it to the ground. Most of the people prefer to bury the wire in the ground, and that is exactly what you should do as well. If not, then the wire is left to be affected by the weather changes and the different landscaping tools. Also, the other animals that are not affected by the dog fence system may get harm from the wires as well. And nobody wants a damaged dog fence system right?

Also, you can’t just leave a dog fence wire just laying down on the ground like that. That is just against the working procedure of invisible dog fence. You just need to make sure that the wire is not a tangled mess all the time by burying it in the ground. And we will tell you how.

Now ever procedure requires a set of tools and the installation of the invisible dog fence is no different either you need to make sure that you have all the equipment necessary. You will need a long-handled shovel, a wire cutter, a hand weeder, and waterproof wire splices.

Now time for the steps:

  1. You need to have a trench for the installation of the wire. Use the shovel that you have to dig out a trench that is pretty thin. This will be the areas that you want to protect from your dog. You do not need to create a wide trench. Just a proper trench, to adjust the wire is enough. In the areas where the shovel is not able to enter, you might use a tougher instrument to dig out the trench.
  2. Installing the boundary wire is the next step of the whole procedure. You need to make sure that the boundary wire is effectively tucked into the created trench. Always remember to cover the boundary wire. Stomping the round will do the trick. You can also take the help of a handheld weeder to make the procedure even simpler. Make sure that you do not use a sharp weeder as it may cut the wire accidentally. The efficiency of the tools also determines the fate of the wire.
  3. The twisted wire is then installed. The efficiency of the whole process determines whether or not your dog will be controlled. Make sure that you install it properly so that it has the desired effect.
  4. We also need to address the bad side of invisible dog fence. It is that these fences, being invisible cannot be seen by the dog. But then, we have a solution for that as well. Boundary flags should be installed in the places where the wire is installed to make sure that the dog is informed of the locations that are out of reach.
An Important Tip: Wires may break during installation. It is recommended that you take the help of the waterproof splicers to reconnect the broken ends.

In Concrete

Now, most of the invisible dog fence installations might require the wires to pass through the hard and concrete surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways, and it is certainly not a good idea to leave those areas unwired just because of the surface. Well, it is really easy to install invisible dog fence in concrete areas as well. You just need to make sure that you have the right tools and technique.

Most dog fence installations require the wire to cross over a driveway or sidewalk at some point. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave the dog fence wire exposed in these areas—not only is that unsightly, but your wire will quickly become damaged. Follow these instructions to ensure your dog fence wire stays protected and hidden in concrete areas:

You will need a circular saw, mortar, and waterproof splices. Protect yourself from the dust of the concrete by wearing masks and goggles. Use the circular saw to cut through the marked area in the driveway and bury the wire deep enough at both the ends. All you need to do then is mortar all over the cut. Self-levelling mortar is the best one to use.

So now that you know how to install invisible dog fence, go ahead and try it by yourself.

How To Find A Break In An Invisible Dog Fence

It is a pretty common thing to find breaks in the invisible dog fence system now and then. And the reason why it happens is that external factors that affect the quality of the system after you install invisible dog fence. And how exactly do you get to know that there is a certain break in the invisible dog fence system? It is due to the continuous beeping of the dog fence transmitter that sound kind of like an alarm clock that notifies you that there is a certain break in the dog fence system.

A break in the dog fence is certainly not a very good thing because if your pet figures it out after some days, it will be an impossible task to ensure the safety of that little guy. So it is really important that the breaks in the dog fence system are efficiently treated. But that is not an easy process, is it? It requires a lot of time spent in digging and struggling to find that one break that has caused the transmitted to go off like a blaring siren.

Well, no you don’t need to worry because we are here with a simple and efficient strategy that you can use to find any break in the invisible dog fence system.

  • Verifying The Break: One of the first things that you need to make sure of is that there is indeed a break in the system. And that can be done in a few different ways. There are wires attached to the transmitters along the fence perimeter. You just need to disconnect the wires and clip some paper clips into the jacks where the connection of the wires with the transmitter happen. If that makes the alarm silent, then you can be sure that the transmitter is working efficiently and there is indeed a break in the wire. An ohmmeter can also be an important equipment to make sure that there are any breaks or not, by checking the resistance of the wires that are disconnected. If it shows no resistance, then the transmitter is broken.
  • Gathering The Materials: An RF Choke and a handheld AM radio is enough for fining the break in an invisible dog fence system. You need to make sure that you have the materials near you so that there is no intrusion in the entire procedure. Proper attention and care must be given to the whole process as it’s a pretty important one.
  • Connecting The Choke: You need to connect the leads of the RF choke with the disconnected wires of the transmitter in the next step. Then the leads of the chokes need to be inserted into the transmitter’s jacks in the exact place where the wires were originally connected. This procedure makes sure that the transmitter is still sending the signal to the fence in spite of the fence being broken.
  • Tuning In: The fence that emits the digital radio signal is then received by the computer collar receiver that your dog wears when it reaches the range. The signal is an audible voice signal or a gentle correction shock. You can detect this particular signal in the lower range of the AM. When the AM is tuned in to the right frequency, then you will certainly be able to hear the signal while passing the radio all over the ground. You might need to turn up the signal intensity at the transmitter.
  • Finding The Break: You need to walk the entire perimeter of your property while passing the radio antenna over the ground wires where you have the slightest doubt that a break might occur. And you need to be able to pick up a definite, clear and definite signal. You need to make sure that you have the proper signal with the correct frequency. The radio will make a sort of beeping sound or a tapping sound. And as the radio gets closer to the wire the signal makes the static a bit louder every single time. Now it will be pretty easy to find the break in the wire as when you come to the area; the signal automatically drops from a few feet. And that is where you break is. Make sure you go slowly and gently to ensure that the whole perimeter is checked
  • Digging The Area: Once the area where the suspected break is located, then what you need to do is expose the said area to bring out the defect in the wire. You can take the help of a hand tiller to drag the break perpendicular to the wire. Or you can also take the help of a simple pick-axe. Make sure that you do not harm the wire when you take it out to exposure.
  • Checking The Break: Finding the break seems to be a pretty easy task with the help of this technique. And now that you have successfully found the break the next step would be to check it to make sure that the signal is strong on both the lines. If the signal is strong on both the sides, then all you have to do is connect a piece of wire and disconnect the choke and then reconnect the wires of the fence. And if the alarm starts being then that is the break. Sometimes you might have more than one breaks, and it is important that you make sure that the signals on both the sides are strong.
  • Mending The Break: Now all you have to do is mend the break to get a proper and amazing invisible dog fence system. Use secure and weatherproof methods to connect the ends that are broken, and you can use the help of connectors for this.

Once you are sure that the invisible dog fence is in working condition again, bury the wires back on the ground, and you are all set.

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