What Is Invisible Dog Fence?

What Is Invisible Dog Fences?

Imagine, you are out on a walk on a beautiful day and you see a dog running across a nearby lawn. You want to pet adorable pooch and the pooch also wants to come to you. All of the sudden, you learn that the dog just skid to a halt at the lawn’s edge. Have you ever wondered how strange that is? Well, we are here to tell you that it is not.

Invisible Dog Fences

You must be wondering what is going on in here. And we understand why? You probably cannot see the fence that is fitted in the lawn just before the sidewalk. But the dogs can. And that is not at all surprising as the invisible dog fences do exist, whatever you may think of it.

Most people do not know about this amazing technology, but the invisible dog fences exist that has made the whole process of pet safety an easy task. Most of the pet owners can now easily safeguard their pets and keep them in the boundaries of the lawns. And there is no added pressure of building those tall fences that always seems to be extra work. With the help of, technology, science, and training, pet safety is now a pretty easy task for pet owners.

There are many pros of dog fences. The invisible dog fences are designed in such a way that they work effortlessly and simply in unison. Now with the help of dog collars and fences, you dog can surely have safe boundaries in the yard. No longer do you have to worry about the good behavior of your dog, whether indoors or outdoors, as this technology is a life saver when it comes to expert training of pets. And there is no hassle of installation as well. Take a breath of relief as your pet will now be an obedient one. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a couch potato, an outdoor sport or something in between, the Invisible dog fence is the solution to everything.

How Does an Invisible Dog Fence Work?

For those who don’t know the working procedure of an invisible dog fence, here is how it works. We have a detailed summary of the parts and procedures of the working of an invisible dog fence.

Radio Frequency

One of the main components for an invisible dog fence is the radio frequency that it uses. The system operates with the help of certain radio frequencies that help the dog to react to different frequencies. It is kind of like tuning in to the satellite radio station that you like. And we all know that the digital signals are way stronger than the analog signal and more reliable as well. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the running of the system.

Control Panel

The control panel is another important part of the whole dog fence system that plays an important role in broadcasting the signal. Pretty much like the radio station. The control panel is usually installed in a location that is discreet and lonely. You can install it in your garage, for example.


The insulated cable plays the role of carrying the digital signal transmitted from the radio station along the boundaries of your property.

Signal Field

Now comes the signal field. Another important part. What it does is, it represents the protective area around the whole property which the dog won’t be able to cross. The signal field is authorized by the control panel and the Computer Collar Receiver under your pet’s neck helps them to recognize the signal field.

Computer Collar

Now you have certainly heard of the Computer Collar Receiver right?  It is what the dog wears which kind of performs the functions of a radio and picks up the digital signals that are sent by the Control Pane, which makes it a pretty important component.

Static Correction

The static correction is the warning provider for the dog so that it doesn’t cross the boundary. See, what happens is when the dog is about to cross the signal field limit, then an audible tone of warning reaches the dog warning him about crossing the boundary. When this does not have any effect, then a static correction is gently passed to remind the pet of the boundary. The level of the static correction depends on the pet, and it effectively ensures that the pet stays in the right place. A completely trustable, effective, and safe method, you can rely on this method to reinforce the training of your dog.

Boundary Flags

How do you suppose people mark the territory that is safe for the dogs and what is not? With the help of boundary flags, of course. With the help of these little flags of white, you can help your dog to remember the exact location of the boundary. And as the behavior of your dog starts to improve, he will soon be able to recall the boundary without the help of these flags.

So why do you think the invisible dog fences work that well? That is not a very difficult question to answer as we all know that it is due to training. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s most sophisticated and the best technology to safeguard your pet. Nothing will work unless you train your dog to be obedient to the signals and learn to adapt to the new technology. And that is why proper training is extremely important for making sure that the dog knows how to use the technology.

With the advancement in technology, certain changes took part in the invisible dog fences as well. Yes, they have become wireless. According to the latest wireless dog fences reviews, this technology is fit to train your dog into staying within the boundary and not wandering off here and there. You can be sure that the invisible dog fences will keep your pet safe.

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