How To Make Your Own Dog Collar

How To Make Your Own Dog Collar

Dog collars can be pretty expensive. And to get the perfect dog collar for your pooch is certainly one of the biggest priority of a dog owner. You want to get something that suits your dog. Something that is stylish and yet comfortable. But then the collars and leashes are so expensive nowadays that if you find yourself a little short on cash, then getting a good quality collar won’t be an easy thing for sure. So what to do then?

Making The Dog Collar

Certainly, you know a bit about DIY dog collars, where you can make a dog collar for your pooch and have and get rid of the old collection of dog collars that you have at your home.

Dogs are certainly an integral part of our lives. We all have a special spot of affection for our little pooches. We celebrate every moment we are with them, their birthdays, and pretty much every other occasion. We are happy when they are happy and what better way to make your little fellow happier than to make a good dog collar for them.
But what do you do when you are a bit short on cash? Hey, we have an idea. Why don’t you make an attractive dog collar for him yourself? That’s pretty easy to do. And it is normal to make a pretty something for the dog and make the effort to please him. You need to put in your time and your love into the dog collar when you make one for him. To make him feel special, there are many top dog collars that you can make yourself for your dog.

Dog Collars For The Pooch

Now you might be thinking that the process to make dog collar is very tough but the case is actually the opposite. There is nothing easier than making your own dog collar for the dog. It is just a little, neat project that you can do to make your dog and yourself happy.

But before you go ahead and make a dog collar for your furry old friend, there are certain things that you need to know about them. Figuring out the type of the collar that you will be making is an important aspect. Now there are more than one kinds of dog collars that you can make.

There are the:

Glamour Collars for the dogs that are specifically meant to enhance the beauty and the attraction of the dog. These collars have the sole purpose of beautifying the dog.
Strength collars for the dog that are out of control. These collars help the owner to control their dogs.
Elastic collars to ensure the comfort of your dog. You don’t want to choke the little fellow while putting the dog collar on him, right?

Each collar has its own importance and it is up to you to decide what kind of a collar you want your dog to wear and make the exact same one for your furry little friend. Now the size of your dogs is also important in deciding what kind of a collar you want to make for them or what the procedure would be. Making collars for small dogs are often different than the procedure for making collars for the large dogs.

Making Dog Collars For Small Dogs

The small dogs are essentially very active and joyful when it comes to their nature and for that reason, the dog collars need to be a little bit more durable for use. But then, the type of the collar should also be able to match the level of cuteness of the dogs and enhance the beauty of it. And for that one of the most amazing types of collars is the denim collar.

What? A dog collar made of denim clothes? Yes, you heard it right. There are lots of training collars for dog and denim collars are certainly one of the best ones in the lot. For small dogs, of course.

You need to have a denim cloth before you start up the procedure. Make the measurements and cut out the cloth. You can start by folding the cloth 4 times, sideways and make it into a thick denim strip. Take the strip and then run it through the needle of the sewing machine and sew with the help of a dark brown thread. Placing the buckle is also a tricky part here. You need to make sure that you are not putting the buckle too tight so that the leash is comfortable for your dog.

You need to pick the large D-ring where the leash will be attached and take it to the middle portion of the collar and sew using some extra denim material. Then all you have to do is make some holes in the collar with the help of some nails and hammer. Make a hole on the c-ring to keep some pace for the name tag of the dog. You can also add some decorations.

Making Dog Collars For Large And Medium Dogs

These dog collars are the best for the large as well as the medium-sized dogs as well because they apparently have the same strength. The top dog collars to make for these dogs are the strength leather collars that will help you control your pooch.

All you need for that is an old leather belt that you don’t wear and test its strength first before going any further. Cut out the sufficient material needed and sew the four sides to ensure that the leather is safe from all the extensive wear. Make a loop by taking the buckle and wrapping the end of the leash around and sewing it.

The nest thing you need to do is make the D-ring and sew it. Take care of the comfort level of your dog while doing that. Drive the holes into the belt with the help of nails and hammer. Leave some space for the name tag as well.
Making a dog collar on your own isn’t a very tough deal. There are many different kinds such as the reflective dog collars and much more. You can make them easily at home with the help of some materials.

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