How to Make A Fabric Dog Collar

How to Make A Fabric Dog Collar

Dog collars are certainly one of the most important things when it comes to making your dog controllable and well-mannered. Also, they are beautiful as well. When you take your dog out for a morning or an evening walk, it is important to have his dog collar on him so that he doesn’t run away and harm himself. Dog collars can be really important and that is why you should definitely have one for your little pooch.

Different Types of Dog Collars

Are you thinking about getting a new dog collar for your dog? Well, there are many options for that right? The technology has advanced in such a way that there are many different types of electronic dog collars available for the safety of your dogs. These dog collars not only help to keep your dogs safe and obedient but they are also customised to fulfill every requirement that you have. These collars are meant for the protection of your pooches and getting them an electric dog collar is certainly one of the best ideas.

But then. Such dog collars are pretty expensive as well. And if you are on a tight little budget then they are certainly out of the question. Electronic collars have many efficient features attached to them that makes them an ideal option for the dogs but they are expensive so not all of them can be afforded by people. And then there is the problem of washing. You obviously need to wash dog collar to make it clean which is not possible in the case of electronic one.

The solution? Fabric collars for dogs, what else? You can easily make a dog collar on your own at your house. All you need is to make sure that you have all the necessary materials at home right near you when you need them. Making a fabric dog collar is not very difficult if you follow all the steps correctly.

Steps For Making A Fabric Dog Collar

Here are some of the steps that will definitely come in handy when you try to make your own dog collar for your little furry friend.

  • The first step for making a dog collar out of fabric would be to collect the cloth that you will need to make the procedure happen. Measurements are pretty important when it comes to this procedure. Make sure that you measure correctly and take the desired amount that is needed for the task.
  • Cutting the webbing is the next step here. Make sure that you take the measurement twice before you cut it. You all need to make sure that the ends are heated properly so that the individual fibers can meet. You don’t want them to unravel later right?
  • Prepping the fabric is an important part of the whole process. Before you make your first stitch, you need to properly starch it by spraying the cloth with some starch. After doing so, you have to take an iron and press the fabric to smoothen it out. Do that till all the wrinkles are removed so that you can get a proper surface?
  • After making sure that the fabric is ready for sewing, you need to sew it into a shape that resembles that of a tube. The tube serves the purpose of slipping the webbing core of the fabric dog collar. Make sure that the loop is large enough to fit the webbing.
  • The next step in the process is to turn the fabric after sewing it inside out. Turn out the fabric before you continue stitching. You need a proper technique to get this done as it is a pretty difficult process.
  • After doing that, you need to insert the webbing that you had prepared. The webbing goes through the looped fabric. Also, you need to make sure that the fabric is absolutely adjusted and the seam is perfectly aligned against the webbing’s edge. In that way, your collar looks more attractive.
  • By now you will see that the dog collar is starting to look like an actual one. The best thing to do here is to spray some more starch and smoothen the creases out with the help of a hot iron.
  • The next and the most important step when you make your own dog collar is to properly sew the fabric and the webbing together. You can take the help of a thread to do that. Make sure that every alignment is perfect.
  • Tri-glide is one of the most important parts of a dog collar and to make sure that it is properly sided is extremely important. You need to slip the webbing through a single side of the tri-glide and take it over the center bar and bring it out through the different slot.
  • Stitching patterns are also an important part of making a fabric dog collar. You need to review the stitching that you make. Only be proper stitching you can ensure that the collar is safe and comfortable for your dog. There are different methods of stitching that you have to learn first.
  • Adding the buckle to the collar is the next step here. Make sure that you do that properly.
  • Now all you need to do is add the D-ring to the dog collar. Make sure that you do that with care as you don’t want to make your dog feel uncomfortable when he wears it right.
  • After a few box stitches here and there, you can be completely assured that your fabric dog collar is all prepared and ready to use.

To make your own dog collar is not exactly tough when you have the right materials and the correct technique to do it. Fabric collars for dogs are extremely easy to use and wash. To wash dog collar made out of fabric, all you need to do is soak and scrub and dry. They are very simple to make and with the above-mentioned procedure, you can easily make one for your pooch.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make a wonderful fabric dog collar for your dog and make him happy.

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