The Pros And The Cons Of An Invisible Fence

The Pros And The Cons Of An Invisible Fence

Was it Robert Frost who said that ‘Good fences make good neighbors’?

Well, that is certainly true, but how does this statement apply to those neighbors that have dogs as pets. As you all know that dogs have a mind of their own and they are free beings. No one can stop them from doing whatever they want to do. And certainly, an owner who isn’t able to keep his dogs in control is not a good neighbor.

Invisible Dog Fence: A Solution For Dog Safety

But worry not because there is an easy solution for all that mess that your dog makes. And also, you can keep your dog safely within the confines your property. Don’t know what we are talking about? The amazing invisible dog fences of course. Fencing is pretty much common these days and to make sure that your dog stays obedient, you better get one for your home.

Many homes and areas do not allow the conventional fencing method. So, what do you do if you have your home in that area? Well, Invisible dog fences are your best bet at that time. The manufacturers claim that the success rate of the dog fence system is pretty high since it helps to keep the pets safe. Now, you don’t need a conventional fencing to safeguard your pet as the invisible fence does the task for you. Sure, there are many pros and cons of an invisible fence system, but we will get to that later.

Why Should You Confine a Dog?

One of the main reasons for buying an invisible dog fence system is to make sure that you keep your dog from being the nuisance of the neighborhood. You certainly do not want that for your dog, right? Also, there are other serious issues at hand as well. By keeping your dog under a confined environment, you make sure that it is safe from all the associated mishaps of free roaming and other accidents. The dogs that are fenced-in have a lesser chance of getting into accidents or getting into fights with other stray animals and dogs. Also, these kinds of fenced-in dogs are less contagious when it comes to the catching diseases.

Although, invisible fencing is a superb technology, however, the dogs still need a bit of training to make sure that they stay inside their boundaries. After the installation of the fence, small flags should be placed to mark the boundary, which lets the dogs know that the area after that is off limits. You need to teach your dog about the different boundaries. Also, you need to make sure that the wires are of good quality and are buried under the ground. Looking for bad-quality wires for the invisible dog fence system is something that you shouldn’t do while buying.

Getting An Invisible Fence: Pros And Cons

There is no doubt about the fact that the invisible dog fence system is certainly a very useful and efficient method to ensure the safety of your pet. At least that’s what the review of the invisible dog fences claim. But like every other technology, there are certainly some pros and cons of an invisible fence as well. And we are here to shed light on some of those pros and cons.


Reasonable Expense: Sure, there are other versions of the traditional and the conventional fencing systems, and that is the reason why most people opt it. But contrary to popular belief that the invisible dog fences are costly, there are some examples of fencing systems that are less expensive and affordable for everyone. So, you can easily get one of those and save yourself a lot of money. And if you install the fencing system yourself, then you can also save on the cost of the professional installation.

Adaptability: The conventional dog fences work exceptionally well for sure, and they have a great adaptability for the yards that have some slope in them. But the invisible dog fences also work on almost every other terrain. The invisible fences can be installed on the hilly yards as well as the wooded areas. You can also install them in water.

Aesthetics: The invisible fences for the dogs are designed in such a way that they are well, invisible to the eyes. And the plus point of this feature is that these fences don’t exactly interfere with the scenic views of any household. You will be able to move freely around your property without facing any barriers and constraints. However, the boundary flags can be a bit of an inconvenience, but that is just temporary.

Convenience: The process for installing the invisible fences is a lot quicker than the conventional method. Laying the wire and trenching takes comparatively less time than installing the nailing boards and the fence posts for sure.

Reliability: Some dogs have a strange tendency to climb over the conventional fences or dig their way under the ground, and that is certainly an issue. However, this problem doesn’t exist with the invisible dog fence systems.

Reduced Human Error: Most pet owners often make the mistake of leaving the gates open, and that gives the dogs a chance to run off. With this technology, your dog won’t be able to leave the premises of the house, even if you leave the gates open.


Training Requirements: Proper training is a must for the pets to adapt to the invisible dog fence system. No technology will be fruitful if your pet doesn’t know how to use it

Lack of Protection: Although the fence prevents the dog from wandering off the premises, it certainly doesn’t help prevent the stray dogs and wild animals from entering your property which can be harmful to your dog.

Frustration: Most dogs get agitated and frustrated when they see the other dogs roaming freely. And that is an issue for the owner.

Escaping: If the dog somehow escapes the breach, then it is certainly locked out till it is willing to come back after being shocked.


These are some pros and cons of an invisible fence system. However, the list of positives is certainly longer which makes it an ideal option for dog safety. Now you know all about the invisible dog fence systems, go get one for your dog. Make sure you something with good quality otherwise you might find fence break after a few days.

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