Top 5 Best Dog Collar Brands

Top 5 Best Dog Collar Brands

If you are a pet owner, you know how important your pet is. When you come back to home and see your beloved dog expresses its ecstasy all of your a tiredness turns into joy. You will fall in love with it as like your children. You like pampering him with special treats, long walks around the neighborhood, and even a trip to the dog salon. To make your pet stylish and different from others you can offer to customize accessories like a dog collar.

What to look for before buying a dog collar

Most of us pet dog to walk, play, and make company with them. As the dog is an animal, it still belongs animal instinct in him, and we need to train up him appropriately to be adopted with the human culture and accepted in the society. This is why most of the vet experts suggest using dog collar to train and control them. There are wide varieties of dog collar, and sometimes dog owner gets confused which to be used. However, there are some basic features those every dog collar needs to have. Let’s have a look:


Certainly, your dog is one of your most beloved companions. You need to make sure its comfort and safety. You should select a dog collar which your dog likes to wear and feels comfortable. A harsh quality dog collar not only makes your dog uncomfortable but also affects its regular behavior.

The dog collar needs to have the right length for the circumference of your dog’s neck. The collar should be available in various sizes from small to extra large. After letting your dog wearing the collar, check the collar is not much tight that remains tight while lying.

Safety And Security

Dog collars are used to keep the dog secured and safe when it goes outside of the home. Look for a collar which offers personalized identification tag. in this case embroidered identification onto the collar is good. There is no chance of falling off the identification tag. Besides that, select a collar which is reflective and visible in low light. Finally, make use the collar fits with your dog neck.


There are many dogs those like biting collar, belt, and sacks. This is a nature of dog cut off what he gets next to him. This is why you should select a collar which is comfortable but made of sturdy materials. Collars made with high-quality materials last longer and comfortable too.


Collar style is also important as like collar function. To the dog owner, dog collar means not only of security but also showing dog smartness. A good type of collar can change your dog outlook and make it smarter than before. Colorful and stitching collars are now in great demand to the pet owner.


Though the folks have a common knowledge about any products is the best product deserves the high price this is not true always. Being education with what you are looking for you can get the best collar with least price. So go to the market or online resources know about various brands and compare them to find out the best collar. However, the dominating brands offer quality dog collar.

Meet with needs

Among the wide variety of dog collars, it is quite tough to select the top-notch one. Dog collar varies depending on the needs of the dog owner and the nature of the dog. Before buying a necklace, you should get confirmed the purpose of use. If you like to train up your dog, you can opt for trainer dog collar. On the other hand, safety is your major concern you can look for a standard dog collar. All dog collars are not for all dogs.

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Top 5 Dog Collar Brands

Once you know the types of dog collar are needed for your pet, you can look forward to the popular brands those are expertise in making specific type. Now, I am talking some of the prominent dog collar brands those are dominating the market supplying quality product:

1. Lupine

Lupine is a reliable American company has acquired goodwill in making an adjustable collar. There is a wide variety of colors and sizes of collars are available for your beloved pet. If you want to personalize your dog stylish look no further than lupine.

2. Up Country

This is one of the popular brands in the US has been producing dog collar since 1984. Up Country offers stylish, functionality, and quality altogether in one piece of product. If you look for a Boutique and stylish custom design dog collar that is safe for your dog, you can opt for this company.

3. Harry Barker

Cheap training collar can be purchased from dog supplies manufacturer, Harry Barker. Harry Barker is an eco-friendly pet supplier’s manufacturer has received an award for sustainability. They are a new company and come with wide ranges of dog collars. Harry Barker’s designer dog collars are elegant and give a smart look to any types of your puppy.

4. Soft- touch

If you look for a luxurious leather padded collar for your Soft dog touch can get priority. They provide the best quality leather collar for your dog. The collars are made of hand stitched, handmade with real leather. They offer both a smart and durable leather collar.

5. SportDOG

SportDOG is well-known dog collar manufacturer introduced the pet owner best dog training devices. Their dog collar is great for developing your dog’s habits and overall obedience. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their product. Train your little puppy with good manner.

Bottom line

Dog collars are those which make sure your dog safety, fashion and allow you to keep control on your pet. Depending on your dog’s nature you can opt for a dog collar that will be suitable for them. Do not go for any collar which is good in quality and price but does not match with your dog. If you are on the lookout for good dog collars, let our top 5 dog collar brands article be your guide.

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