How to Use Electronic Dog Training Collars

how to use dog electronic collars

It’s a long debate whether to use dog training collars or not. Some would say it’s the best way to make your dog behave and some would say its inhumane way to teach.

When we try to teach our kids good manners, we follow various methods. So, it’ll be best if you try to use different techniques to train your dog. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to use electronic dog training collars properly. Because you can’t just plug and play with this device. You’ve to maintain certain rules or points to make the best use of it.

Using our chosen top electronic collars, your dog will feel natural shock punishment every time it misbehaves. This way, your dog will gradually adopt good behaviors. Using electronic collars have certain advantages like controlling it from a distance. This way your buddy won’t suspect anything unusual.

These devices use leather collars for dogs which will be comfortable to wear. Give your dog some time before starting shock therapy so that your dog can’t realize that the collar is the culprit.

There are so many factors of using dog training collars like voltage, pressure, collar settings, patience, commands, etc. Follow our step by step training collars working procedure to become a master trainer.

Our guide consists of two main parts. The first part will get you to know the device properly. The second part will make the bridge between your verbal command and operate the collar. So, let’s start the journey to be a dog trainer.

Part 1: Know the Device

The Functions: Electric training collars work on the basis of electronic shock. By it, you can increase or decrease your dog’s behavior. In other words, you give punishment to your dog to rain it up or listen to your commands. Mostly there are 2 types of training with this electric dog training collars-  Using the Electronic Collar to Correct reinforce wanted behaviors or reinforce Unwanted Behaviors. We will talk later in details in part 2 of this article.

Set the Simulation Level: At the initial training level, you should have first set the lowest levels of static simulation that will get your dog’s attention clearly. For this, you need to set the collar on the right position of your dog’s neck, set the simulation at zero on the remote and then let your dog explore the training area. By tapping on the simulation button with very slowly increasing the level, you will see your dog start responding. That is the level which you will start to begin your training.

Tip: It’s better to let your dog wear the collar for 7-10 days without turning it on. After getting used to it, slowly increase the simulation level and start your training.

Part 2: Get Started the Training

Make Your Dog Get Used to Wear It: For the first time of using the dog training collar, your dog needs to be getting used to with it. Before using it, you may want to keep the collar on your dog most of the time. And of course you will think about the comfort of your dog, right? So, the first step is to make your dog get used to with it.

How will you do that? While keeping the collar on the neck of your dog, you need to do such pleasant activities like walking, playing with your dog, training with fun, etc. After a short period of time, you will see that your dog will associate the collar and will be prepared for carrying it most of the time.

Furthermore, a proper fit of the training collar is really important. You should fit the collar high on your dog’s neck or near to the ears. It will ensure that the probes will make contact with the skin not sliding around your dog’s neck.

Tip: Be advised, you should not keep the collar on your dog more than 8 hours at a time. The collar’s probes may cause skin irritation of your beloved dog.

Start Applying Some Commands: Now is the time to teach your dogs with your command. Whenever he doesn’t obey your command, you will give him a simulated shock. Your dog will start obeying your command and get trained up slowly. Remember, don’t rush. You must select the intensity level that suits your dog best.

Remote Dog Training with Reinforced Learned Behavior: By this type of training, you have to use continuous simulation option. It stops automatically after your pressing for more than a handful of seconds. And this option is safe for any electric dog training collars.

This training is also called reinforcing for a wanted behavior. By this, you can teach your dog good behaviors like come to your call, emergency sit, etc. For this, you have to deliver static simulation by using the continuous correction option. When your dog will respond to your command immediately “shut off” the static button. Always pet and praise your dog for obeying your command or come to your call. By this procedure, your dog will respond instant by your command if your train properly.

Stop Unwanted Behaviors: When your dog starts to do any behavior that you don’t feel good, just tap the simulation button. If that doesn’t work good, increase the level. This will send an annoying pulse to your dog’s neck that will make him not to do that target behavior. Timing is everything here. You will able to stop your dog in that act and deliver a correction at that specific moment with a shorten training time.

Final Verdicts

When we punish our kids, it sure looks cruel and not the right thing to do. But in the end, it teaches them to maintain a civilized way of living. It helps them to build a good relationship and lead a good life.

Likewise, dog training collars have negative impression on people. But training your dog for good behavior is worth for little punishments. But keep in mind that use it wisely and when it’s absolutely necessary. However, if you still have some question about the training collars, you can comment below. Our experts and review team are always there to help you out. If you have budget money, you can also check out our best review on cheap dog collars. This will help you to buy the best budget one currently on the market.


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