How To Wash A Dog Collar

How To Wash A Dog Collar

Whoa! What’s that stench in the house? Have you checked every corner of the house and still couldn’t find it? Have you ever wondered, that the stench might be coming from the dog? Well, not from the dog, of course, you wash him every single day. But then, why is the smell coming off of him? It could be the dog collar, right? Oh wait a minute, it is the dog collar!!!

Washing Up The Dog Collar

Most dog owners forget to wash up the dog training collars of their dogs and that is where the big mistake lies. Only regularly cleaning your dog won’t do the trick people you have to be cleaner than that. And if you are no, then be prepared to enter a house that basically smells like tuna. One of the most important things for the dog owners today is to make sure that their dogs are all clean and healthy. And cleaning the dog collar is a wonderful way to assure that. Sometimes, dirt can get accumulated on the dog collar and cause it to stink and smell. Well, the trick here is to wash the collar once in a while to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Now, most owners don’t even know much about washing a dog collar but it is certainly an important step to ensure the health of your pooch. And obviously, you would want what is the best for him right? Well, now you don’t even have to worry about spending hours in cleaning and washing the dog collar as the process only takes a few minutes. All you need is the proper ingredients and the collar will be fresh and clean again. Sounds amazing right?

There is no doubt about the fact that the collar attracts the dust and the dirt particles when your dog is out playing. And it really depends on how much time your dog spends outdoors. This can help to decide how much you actually need to clean your dog’s collar. But that doesn’t mean that the indoor dog collars don’t need a cleaning at all. Just keep that in mind.

Whether you have a nylon dog collar or a leather dog collar, the procedure for cleaning it would definitely be the same. Although the leather collar might need some more cleaning. For cleaning a dog collar you will have to prep yourself first.

Prepping For The Task

Before you go for washing the dog collar, there are certain things that you would have to do for prepping for the process. Wearing rubber gloves is a great way to start. Rubber gloves help in protecting the arms and the hands when you are cleaning the dog collar. Also, you need to make sure that your hands are not submerged in the mixture of baking soda and water. You don’t want your hands to get dry and crack, right? Using apple cider vinegar instead of baking soda is also a great alternative.

When you are cleaning the dog collar, some of the most important things that you should have are the ingredients. There are certain items that you would require for the cleaning procedure. And these are all household items that you would easily find your kitchen. It is essential that you have all the ingredients along with you when you wash dog collar. You will be needing a bowl or a bucket of some kind, some rubber gloves for the protection of your hands, some baking soda, toothbrush, lavender oil and a towel.

Steps That Might Come In Handy

Washing a dog collar isn’t really a big deal when you have all the ingredients and you are all prepared. Now all you have to do is know the steps to wash your dog collar properly and you will have a clean dog collar in a few minutes. Don’t worry, we have all the steps lined up for you.

  • The first step in cleaning the dog collar is to mix up the required ingredients for the cleaning procedure. Fill up the bucket or the bowl with water and then add almost 2 tablespoons of baking soda to it. Stir the baking soda till it is melted.
  • Soaking the dog collar for 10 minutes is the next step, you need to make sure that the collar absorbs the water properly.
  • The next thing to do here is to properly scrub the dog collar with the help of a brush or a toothbrush to make sure that all the dirt is brushed off the collar. You also need to reach for the services and the inner sides of the dog training collar to ensure that it is clean. Do this multiple times till the collar is all rid of the dirt and the smell.
  • After the smell and the dirt is gone. You need to refill the bowl with some fresh water and add a bit of lavender oil in it. The aroma of lavender oil is best suited for a dog collar.
  • Soaking the collar in the aromatic mixture of lavender oil and water is the next step. Do that till the odor is gone. If you do not prefer the smell of lavender oil, then peppermint oil can also be a pretty great alternative to that.
  • Rinse off the collar under a faucet. Dry up the collar with the help of a towel and put it in a place to dry off.

And there you have it, a quality dog collar as clean and fresh as new. Washing a dog collar isn’t exactly rocket science, to be honest. All you have to do is know exactly what ingredients to use and what steps to go through to make sure that your dog collar s completely cleaned.


The importance of cleaning the collar of your dog is certainly a very big deal. If you don’t take care of that then your whole house can smell. So it is essential to make sure that your dog wears a clean and washed collar. Follow these necessary steps that are mentioned above to make sure that the whole cleaning procedure happens efficiently.




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